100 Marker

I'm Way Ahead of You

Disco Ball

Mustang thru Jar

Google round

Planet thing

Concrete Ball

SF 7

This isn’t what I was originally going to post today but then I thought I should acknowledge the anniversary of what happened 40 years ago today: July 20, 1969…since I remember it vividly.


So here’s to you, Moon, the round thing we all love to look at the most and wonder what secrets you hold…especially on the Dark Side.

Crescent Moon

And, of course, I’ll be kicking myself for days as I come across better round photos than these…


12 responses to “Roundabout

  1. Angie in Mexico

    Oooo! The “round” cat. I love it!
    I don’t know if my memory is correct, But I remember being at school (we lived in N.Y. then) and the nuns took out a really big B/W T.V (I was in 3rd grade). And we got to see the whole lunar landing thing. I remember I was so excited.
    Great post, Candace.

  2. I really like this post, but I LOVE the cat!

  3. your round images are a great window into life near and far….

  4. The kitty is hillarious, it looks slightly annoyed…love it!
    Are you working on a “theme” project?

  5. A fine series to commemorate this date. Kitty does take exception to this whole thing! Nice post.

  6. Excellent grouping of round things… and great photos… and yes I remember sitting in front of the old black and white TV with my dad to see the first steps on the moon… a cherished memory.

  7. All cool shots but should have ended with a shot of someone mooning you. 🙂

  8. Great shots! I love the one of the flower in particular.
    Hope your week is going well!

  9. Cool shots in the round! Love the last moon photo.

  10. The strangest thing about the moon is how mysterious it still is despite all of those trips to its surface. The Apollo program really didn’t demistify it too much.

    • Of course, there’s that whole theory that we didn’t really go at all–that it was just staged and when you read their arguments, it seems plausible. I hope we went, I hope we go again soon…

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