A Little Planet

Pines and boulder

You can’t do pretty much as you please
on the earth

not for long, anyway,
not unless you want the bubble to break

and the blackness come pouring in
like black rain down a cold rainspout.

Purple Flowers 2

There’s the earth
under your feet

and there’s mist of green
and white
for clouds
and blue water.

Seed pods

There’s the earth

with lives dreaming on it
sucking life in lonely places
fern valleys
and mountain lakes, forests, most of all the

green places
where life is thick.

Mini Sunflower


Every particle of every thing
rock, water, flower, human
has been in the same place flaming
in the heart of our ancient sun
before the earth
came flying out of it.

Rock on Wood

These verses are from the book Only a little planet, published in 1972 by Friends of the Earth. If you were around in the ’70s, remember how caring about the environment was a big deal? We worried about depleting our natural resources, having too many people on the planet, pollution. Then what happened? It seems like in the ’80s and ’90s, everyone pretty much forgot about all that and concentrated on living the good life, practicing conspicuous consumption. Now, in the last decade, being “green” is cool again and we’re again worried about depleting our natural resources and destroying the earth. Too bad we missed those thirty years in between.

Pine and sun


9 thoughts on “A Little Planet

  1. A fine post and thoughtful words to accompany these fine pictures. Mankind seems to flit from cause to cause as we blunder on through the decades.


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