That term has yet to make it into Wikipedia or the Urban Dictionary but if you google it, you get tons of results. I’m not blogcating but it seems as though the authors of a lot of the blogs I read regularly are currently doing so–because of burnout, health issues, personal reasons, etc.–and I know my blog stats have been way down the past few days. How about yours?

The only reason I haven’t blogged as often lately is lack of photos due to extreme humidity (for AZ) and laziness about venturing out into it. I have plenty of places I want to go, I just can’t bring myself to do it. So here are some photos taken last night during a brief jaunt around central Phoenix, with no tripod.

This totally retro sign looks like it’s from the ’50s. I know it was here in the ’70s but I can’t find any info about it online. Apparently it made the Wall Street Journal in January in an article about GM’s problems.

Courtesy Chevrolet

At the Light Rail station at Central and Camelback,


both ways for the trains, but look at what you will also see–Phoenix’s own Stargate:

Stargate 2

It’s actually called A New Path by Ilan Averbuch, another New York artist trying to capture the spirit of the desert, but I would assume most people would think Stargate when they see it. The matchsticks are supposed to be people (??).

Stargate 4

Marching thru SG

I crawled through it and found myself in downtown Phoenix on the other side, close to our neighborhood Starbucks.

Starbucks Posters

I see that Starbucks is now selling crafts from African artisans and more fair trade coffee so that is a good thing.

I hope to be daytripping at least one day this coming week so that I have some more material for future blogs and when I do go on vacation in August I plan to blog on location so I will not be on blogcation.

Come back, bloggers, we miss you in the blogosphere.


20 thoughts on “Blogcation

  1. It can be hard to always find material to blog about, but you make it seem easy… You have such a natural eye about anything that your pics are always luscious.


  2. The neon sign is so awesome…real vintage feel to it, nice that you captured this at night.
    I wish we had more diversity in my neck of the woods…so interesting to see your images and read your blog…


  3. I hesitate to call myself a blogger though I’ve done a few postings (some not fit to be seen by intelligent beings.) I am more of an old school web-site crafter. I maintained a website for some three years that contained my photos, mindless prattle, mindless poetry, mindless short stories, and mindless mindlessness… It takes a lot of time, effort, and talent. I supposed two out of three isn’t bad. It will go up again one day when I’m unable to get up and wander the world… Yeah, I think the New York artist should have at least called himself Sandy — it would have made the capturing of the desert a bit more believable but hooray for the effort. As for modern art, I remain as speechless as I do when I contemplate my fellow sheeple.


  4. I remember the Courtesy Chevrolet sign. Always did like it!

    I think the blog world is just in the summer doldrums. Perhaps folks are just taking a deep breath and resting up a bit. Glad to see your enthusiasm!


  5. I’m not on blogcation but I do think a lot of bloggers spend way too much time online and I usually have a quiet little cheer when I read that someone is taking one. It’s far better to spend time in real life than online. Life is so short. Since my blog is a complement to my business, I tend to treat it that way: I slot a certain amount of time to do it but the rest of the time I need to be either out-and-about or doing my office work. I guess it’s simply a good balance. Good topic to bring up for sure Candace!

    By the way I LOVE that photo of the neon sign. A fantastic night shot and super subject.


  6. I like the Chevy sign. Nice post today. I can understand the reluctance to venture out into the heat of a Phoenix summer. I wish I had an excuse that good! 🙂


  7. I’m still here! I love your photos, they really capture the beautiful aspects of home. Some days I have a MILLION things I want to blog about, but other days I have serious writer’s block. I guess every hobby needs a muse now and then.

    And I love that you love Starbucks as reluctantly as I do! I’m really trying to support the mom n’ pops but sometimes it’s tough.


  8. love the first two shots of the signs! way cool.

    and i always love the artwork hanging at starbucks. i also love their signage. i had loved one of the posters they had hanging for green tea frappuccino one time, that i asked if i could have the poster when they were done with it. the manager went in the back and brought me out a fresh poster for my own. i went home and framed it and it is hanging on my dining room wall. the artwork in the posters is sometimes very cool!


  9. Hey Candace!

    I’m still on a blogcation, but I’m ready to come back as soon as the new laptop arrives. It shipped yesterday, via FedEx, from China!!! I wonder how long that will take?? 😉

    Be back soon!


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