Dueling Brownies

Brownies 3

Brownies 1

Brownies 2

The camera on the left was Tony’s parents’ camera, the one on the right was my parents’.

Brownie Babies

The camera on the left was Tony’s childhood camera; the one on the right, the Bullet, was mine…today is a good day to date myself.

Argus 1

This is the infamous Argus “Brick,” first introduced in 1939 but produced until the ’60s. I got this one at my neighbor’s yard sale years ago. I think it is probably from the ’40s, from what I’ve read on how to date them. Apparently it’s made from Bakelite.

Argus Lens

It came complete with dust to make it more authentic…(so I kept it that way)…

Argus Flash

…and a flash…and a leather case.


This CP 301 was made in the ’60s by Konica and sold by Montgomery Ward. It has a pretty Seiko lens.

CP301 2

That is my unintentional vintage camera collection. There are also several newer film and digital ones that don’t quite qualify as vintage yet (although I guess any film camera would, technically).

Solid Camera Solid Cat

Solid camera, solid cat.

Do you have some vintage cameras? Any really old ones, maybe 1800s? If you do, I’d like to see a link.


14 thoughts on “Dueling Brownies

  1. Those sure bring back some memories! My Dad had one that looked exactly like the “brick”. I still have it, but at the moment I’m not sure exactly where it is. I’d never part with it though. I’m pretty sure it came from the 40’s.


  2. I thought this post was going to be about delectable chocolate desserts…but this is just as delicious. It’s clear from your camera collection that you and Tony are meant for each other. 🙂


  3. Love your collection!!! I have a russian Zenit. Not very old- maybe early 80’s. It’s accumulating dust somehere. Are you interested? Let me know.


    1. Oh, thank you, Angie, but this collection was unintentional and even though they looked dusty in the pics, they were even more so before I cleaned them up a little. They are pretty much dust accumulators themselves so I don’t think I need anymore. You might find a use for it in one of your art classes someday.


  4. … A Minolta SRT102 — It still works with the original lithium battery… Why am I keeping it? It’s sort of like my vintage stereo components from the past — they all cost a heap of money at the time, still work and I just can’t let go…


    1. I think they all work except the Argus seems to have a shutter problem. I was reading that they’re really easy to repair since they’re all mechanical. Maybe I’ll try to get it fixed.


  5. Very interesting post and fun to see these old timers! I have a C3 also, a Stereo Realist, A Pony Kodak (my first camera), and A Rolleiflex. No pictures posted of these….ah a subject for a future post perhaps! 🙂


  6. i don’t have any, but i came really close to buying one at the last flea market i went to. i would love to have several, actually. especially if they work.

    i always enjoy seeing pictures of cameras. there’s just something whimsical about that to me.


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