Primary colors in the ‘hood.

Red. The pomegranates will be ripe in the fall. Unfortunately, the ones in our yard don’t taste all that good. But the birds seem to enjoy them.

pome 2

pome 3

Yellow. The yellow house down the street has been for sale for months. It doesn’t quite fit in the neighborhood as the person who renovated it has questionable skills in that area.

Yellow House

Lemon meringue windows.

Lemon Meringue Window

Blue. The sheets dry fast outside when it’s around 110.



It’s definitely the dog days of summer here. My shooting is not too inspired. Must be time for a change of scenery, a little vaycay, maybe.

13 thoughts on “RYB

  1. we were on the same wave length yesterday, I posted about rainbows as if it would make it so!I would love to link these images to that post …let me know


  2. I like the concept of your post centered around the primary colors. There is little protection from the fellow down the street who picks a house color from a chip and then wonders why it doesn’t look good when the house is painted! 🙂 Nice post.


  3. I love that you hang your laundry on the line. I also really like that photo of the curved brick with that yellow house in shallow dof behind it. Pomegranates! Wow, that seems so exotic. I love them.


    1. I read your exercise, both parts, very cool. That’s a good idea. Can I steal, er, borrow it sometime…maybe with some changes? And, haha, wish I were a professional photog but I’m not. Thank you for the compliment.


  4. What a creative post…sometimes the simplist of things are the interesting.
    Really enjoyed how you did this.
    The sheets drying in 110 degrees…that is so warm.
    (we 45 degrees 2 nites ago, my sheets would have frozen.)


  5. Candace, don’t forget that all your photos are new to most of us and we enjoy them, inspiration or not. (Easy for me to say as I’m more of an opportunist photographer than an inspired one.)


  6. Hi I come over from Elks blog.
    100 is nice weather for blue sheets to dry.
    Your neighbors house looks like a mixture of many styles makes me curious to see inside


    1. Yes, his house is definitely a mixture of many, many styles…some that don’t quite go together. It’s a unique house. Thank you for stopping by. I will check out your blog now.


  7. i absolutely love this post!! i love that you have found inspiration in color where you are. i love that you notice the colors. i need to look for and feature that, too. especially since i’ve been so into black and white photos the past couple days. too many photos. not enough time. 🙂


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