If you live in Cave Creek, Arizona, you really do ride your horse over to the local watering hole. A couple of weeks ago, Tony’s blues band (Cat’s Eye) played at the Buffalo Chip Saloon and toward the end of the gig, 2 women rode in on their horses. I was reluctant to post these photos because they basically suck but here they are anyway. When one doesn’t go out shooting for several days, one’s options are limited.

Big horse 2

BC Saloon

Dance Hall

2 Horses 2

The white horse is Ellie Mae, she’s the biter, and I didn’t catch the name of the bigger horse, who is the kicker.

Buffalo Chip

Ellie Mae Rubbermaid

Who’d have thought Rubbermaid makes horse troughs?

Ellie Mae

Someone else took some shots of the band inside (while I was engrossed in the horses) and a few of those are on their MySpace page. None of their music is posted there yet, though. His now defunct bluegrass band, The Roof Rats, do have music on their Myspace page.


8 thoughts on “Yeehaw!

  1. I love this! How cool is that?
    Now that is the Wild West….thanks for sharing these images…it’s nice to see and read that people actually ride their horses…how fun!


  2. I like this series very much. Nighttime shooting has it perils, but you gotten some nice shots. Love the “biter” and “kicker” shots while the bar doors are just priceless. A fine post.


  3. I loooove Cave Creek! So many wonderful restaurants (the Horny Toad is a family fave) and such gorgeous scenery.

    Unrelated, I saw a girl riding her horse at Papago Park the other day and was like what the world?? People ride horses here?!?


  4. How cool is that! We have a tiny little watering hole nearby, next to the Susquehanna River, that frequently gets a horse rider or two — and it always gives me a smile 😉


  5. I believe these night photos give a good feel of the place and the situation.. It reminds me very much of the time I visited Atlantic City, Wyoming in the dark of the night,,_Wyoming . As we sat at the local bar, a building very much in the likeness of the Buffalo Chip, miners and their wives and girlfriends came in for a beer. Though I’ve never been one to notice footwear, that night it struck me as very interesting that the women were all wearing big clunky shoes and boots that were very utilitarian as they all danced to the music on the jukebox.. There was certainly no pretentiousness in that town at all. As for the suckiness of one’s photos, I believe that the photographer is the worst critic. I’ve noticed a phenomenon wherein I will post a photo that I consider garbage and it might get rave reviews. This proves to me that I’m completely out of touch with the thinking of the general population.


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