Classic Arizona

CloseUp 1 Sag

CloseUp 2 Sag

CloseUp 3 Sag

Two Saguaros

What~besides the Grand Canyon~screams “Arizona”? The mighty saguaro, of course! And I realized that I’ve never posted a photo of a saguaro here yet. In fact, I didn’t have any photos of saguaros. So yesterday I went in search of the not-so-elusive cactus.

These photos were taken in Papago Park, the “jewel” of the Phoenix Park system, sort of our version of Central Park. It’s the home of The Phoenix Zoo, the Desert Botanical Garden, Hole-in-the-Rock, Hunt’s Tomb, many lagoons and trails, and covers 1,200 acres.

Saguaro 2

Saguaro Mtn

There’s quite a few on this small mountain and that’s just one little area.

Saguaro Silhouette

And the classic saguaro in silhouette shot…with a little lens flare as a bonus.

Mighty Saguaro

Check out this saguaro; I’ve never seen one with so many arms. A five-armed saguaro is considered to be about 200 years old so I don’t know how old this one might be.


10 thoughts on “Classic Arizona

  1. Some almost looks like hands reaching up to the sky.
    I like the detail you captured. Living amongst pinetrees it’s refreshing to see nature from another part of the states- so completely different…I still can’t get over how blue the skies are…so incredible.


  2. Beautiful shots!! And the sky looks so incredibly blue. Not many ot these in this part of Mexico. They are a lot of them further up North. That place looks incredible….


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