Every Leaf…

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus

Tree with Red Leaves

So, there was one day out of the week that I was back in the midwest where the sky was blue and it was a very pretty blue with fluffy white clouds. We don’t get the fluffy white clouds all that often in AZ so it was a lovely sight.

Last Sunday, on this sunny day, my mom and I took a short drive to a beautiful Indiana state park, Potato Creek. I don’t know if all of their state parks are as well-maintained as this one but this one was gorgeous.

This park has a nice lake, Worster Lake, surrounded by deep woods. As beautiful as it was, I can only imagine how pretty it will be in another week or so.

Tree PC

Look at these trails!

PC Trail

PC Trail Flare

Bonus lens flares…

PC Trail 2

You can see a glimpse of the lake over to the right of the woods on this one.

PC Woods

And look at these graceful trees~I have no idea what they are.

Tree at Lake

PC Trees

Here’s a peek at the lake.

PC Beach

PC Lake

And, okay, this following photo is blurry. I came across an area where there were quite a few dragonflies~something I never see in Arizona~but they would not light on anything and I couldn’t get them in focus. However, I like the pic anyway. Can you see the elusive dragonfly?

PC Dfly

This trip makes me really want to see a riot of autumn colors and I hope we’ll be able to head up to northern Arizona in a couple weeks to see what it has to offer. Hard to believe it’s October now…

Autumn in the Midwest

Classic harvest signs in northern Indiana…

Corn and gourds

Some~but not the majority~of the leaves have begun to change colors…

Autumn Leaf

Lots of apple orchards in southern Michigan…


We stopped at Calderwood Farms in Berrien Springs, MI…



And bought some delicious honey crisp apples…

Apples Closeup

Even Woody the handsome, friendly Calderwood dog loves eating their apples.


Heading home tomorrow but I have a ton of photos from this trip so this is far from the end of my autumn in the midwest shots. Hope you don’t get too bored seeing them. I’m glad I finally have a lot of photos from which to choose.

Along the Shore

…of Lake Michigan in St. Joseph, Michigan today.





There were times when the sky wasn’t totally gray today. We saw all the things I wanted to see~barns, fields, orchards, some autumn leaves~but since my mom was driving, a lot of my shots were drive-bys. However, we spent a lovely time at the Lake, my favorite thing to see when I’m back in the midwest.






St. Joe is a really nice beach town with a gorgeous beach, Silver Beach.

It rained when we got back and it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow but there’s a possibility of some sun again on Sunday so we may go back to a different town on the Lake. Monday, I head back to sunny AZ.

Have a good weekend.

Chicago Equinox

Plants 1

I spent Monday evening and part of Tuesday in Chicago at my cousin’s house. Although the leaves are not quite changing colors yet, she had some lovely autumnal arrangements on her porch to welcome the equinox.

Plants 2

Window Box 1

Plants on Stairs

Window Box 2

Now I’m in Indiana and thanks to some anonymous person in my mother’s neighborhood, I’m able to get wifi on their unprotected network so I can still blog! Hope it continues for a few more days.

Plants 3

Bonus Daisies!

Daisies in Chicago

Daisies 2

Today’s another gloomy day in the midwest but it’s supposed to be nice some of the days I’m here…I hope. I miss my AZ sun!

Happy Autumn!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Wow, I never meant to not post for so long! And then to have 2 plane series in a row, how strange! Different planes, different days, though. Oh, well, I was busy doing some very fun things around the house that I won’t go into. But now it’s time for me to head off on my previously postponed vaycay. Tony will be taking care of all the kitties and I’ll miss all of them madly (especially Tony) but it will be fun to see my mom.

PP Pan

I’m hoping to get some nice midwest shots~you know, barns, autumn leaves, Lake Michigan, stuff like that. But I looked at the 10 day forecast and it looks like a lot of rain may be in my immediate future instead.

Plane 2

First stop will be in Chicago to visit my cousin and her husband for about 24 hours and then I’ll be heading to Indiana. My mom will only have dialup so I may not be posting much of anything during those days I’m back there and I may not be able to visit many blogs. I’ll be looking for some places with wifi and maybe I can get a post or 2 up but who knows?

I’ll be back in a few days, having experienced some nice, cool weather! And I’ll catch up on my blog reading then, too. Meanwhile, Dan Brown’s new book may be keeping me company.

Take care…