prickly 5

prickly 1

prickly 2

prickly 4

prickly 3

More of the Arizona desert in the summertime.


10 responses to “Prickly

  1. This is absolutely beautiful.Excuse my ignorance but is this what is called a “prickely pear?
    Can you eat these?
    Thank you so much for sharing..wonderfully captured.

  2. A fine series. I like the range of shots from close ups to showing us the setting for this interesting cactus. I’d like to see the desert in that short period of spring bloom I’ve heard other speak of. Nice series.

  3. stunning images of a much maligned plant…they are beauty in their own right

  4. The fruit is delicious, especially with lime juice and salt (mexican style). It can also be eaten with sugar. Beautiful photos, as always.

  5. These photos brought back pleasant memories of making jelly out of the fruit. Another thing I miss about the desert.

  6. We have these too but not nearly so big… the fruits are said to taste like strawberries but I’ve never found any at the right stage to try.

  7. Really cool shots of the prickly pear, Candace. I haven’t seen any in a very long time. (Used to live in California where we had some.) Can’t say I’ve ever eaten any.

  8. that’s really beautiful

  9. Now if only we could bring some of that warmth back here in the north.

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