Labor Day 2009


This is the entrance to the Desert Botanical Garden.






Have a safe and happy Labor Day!


9 responses to “Labor Day 2009

  1. You have the best shots Candace.
    Such an amazing place…
    -the architecture and the different structures in your neck of the woods are so impressive. ..not to mention that blue sky!

  2. Nice shots! I used to love visiting there.

  3. I really enjoy seeing your part of the country…

  4. A creative job of showing the entrance to the garden and using the entrance as a creative device to make other very interesting images. Good eye to see the possibility for these shots.

  5. Hi-

    I “borrowed” the top photo for a blog post about DBG.

    I enjoy your photographs and blog very much!

  6. i love the way we see through the “wires”…a really cool post ~

  7. Really awesome shots, Candace! I agree with Don 100% – creative use of the entrance to frame your shots.

  8. What a glorious entrance & wonderful photos of it!

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