A Desert Sampler

Desert Plants

Even though the days are still just as hot, there are signs that autumn is in the air, even in the Sonoran Desert.


The quality of light changes as the sun moves lower in the sky, casting longer, deeper shadows.


The nights are almost cool again (almost, but you can tell the change is really coming soon).


In another few weeks, Arizona will become a desired location again. After another hellacious summer, our time to gloat about the weather will return. Like so many other places, autumn~when it finally arrives~is the best time of year here, too.

Footnote: Ugh, I just read this on Wikipedia:

“In the Phoenix area, desert is losing ground to urban sprawl at a rate of approximately 4,000 square metres (0.99 acres) per hour.” Well, that’s depresssing.


14 thoughts on “A Desert Sampler

  1. We’ve visited Arizona twice and both times it was in autumn — for us it was soooo hot but then we live up north 🙂
    I loved the desert at night –- it really comes alive!


  2. I like your photos of the local plants under a changing sun. The comment on urban sprawl is depressing to me too. What are going to to do… asphalt
    the entire country?


  3. I’ve been telling my boyfriend for the last few days that “FALL IS COMING!!”. He’s from Indiana so he’s like ummmm, yeah it’s still 145 degrees outside. But we Arizonans can just feel it!


  4. I think your summers are why more people don’t live there full time. Don’t know if I could do it! Fall is definitely in the air here. Morning jackets are a must. You have some really interesting landscape and plants there, Candace. One of these winters I must come for a visit. 😉


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