Chicago Equinox

Plants 1

I spent Monday evening and part of Tuesday in Chicago at my cousin’s house. Although the leaves are not quite changing colors yet, she had some lovely autumnal arrangements on her porch to welcome the equinox.

Plants 2

Window Box 1

Plants on Stairs

Window Box 2

Now I’m in Indiana and thanks to some anonymous person in my mother’s neighborhood, I’m able to get wifi on their unprotected network so I can still blog! Hope it continues for a few more days.

Plants 3

Bonus Daisies!

Daisies in Chicago

Daisies 2

Today’s another gloomy day in the midwest but it’s supposed to be nice some of the days I’m here…I hope. I miss my AZ sun!

Happy Autumn!

12 thoughts on “Chicago Equinox

  1. wow, crotons growing outside! Now THAT must be a warm place! We vacationed in FLorida before and I was amazed to see the crotons in people’s yards. They are strictly house plants up here and not very easy to grow at that 🙂


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