Autumn in the Midwest

Classic harvest signs in northern Indiana…

Corn and gourds

Some~but not the majority~of the leaves have begun to change colors…

Autumn Leaf

Lots of apple orchards in southern Michigan…


We stopped at Calderwood Farms in Berrien Springs, MI…



And bought some delicious honey crisp apples…

Apples Closeup

Even Woody the handsome, friendly Calderwood dog loves eating their apples.


Heading home tomorrow but I have a ton of photos from this trip so this is far from the end of my autumn in the midwest shots. Hope you don’t get too bored seeing them. I’m glad I finally have a lot of photos from which to choose.


11 thoughts on “Autumn in the Midwest

  1. Your photos are great! Harvest time is rich in bounty yet tinged with nostalgia for the season past. I’m enjoying the cider this year. Usually it’s hard to find the kind which hasn’t been pasteurized or laced with preservatives, but the farmers’ market is overflowing with it due to a bumper crop of apples. It’s nice and sweet this year too.


  2. i love these! especially the close-up of the apples.

    i completely forgot you were coming to chicago. i’m so disappointed. i would have loved to have tried to meet you. i went from not working and not being at all busy, to working full-time and then some {worked in a boutique over the weekend} and being so busy.

    please remind me if you come here again. i would really love to try to meet. i hope you had a good time despite the cold weather yesterday.

    i look forward to seeing the pictures. i saw a hint of lake michigan in the post below. i’m off to see those now. 🙂

    safe travels to you!


  3. I popped over from Daily Vignette because I liked the sound of “autumn in the midwest”. (I grew up in Michigan.) Gorgeous photos .. it feels like fall! Our leaves are starting to change – but very slowly. 🙂


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