My Old Hometown

Phoenix has been my home for far longer than anywhere else I’ve lived but the town I consider my old hometown is where I went to high school and where my mother still lives.

Here’s what it’s known for…

Gold Dome

Studi 63

SB Chocolate

The last one is pretty much a giveaway.

The University of Notre Dame, Studebakers, South Bend Chocolate, and that’s about it…South Bend, Indiana.

And because I have nowhere else to post these photos, here are some more photos of the above Studebaker, which was on display at an art fair in downtown South Bend.

Studi Lark

Studi Wheel




I usually spend more time at Notre Dame, which is really beautiful, than I did this trip so that is the only photo I took there, unfortunately.


8 thoughts on “My Old Hometown

  1. No doubt about it, Indiana is certainly different from Arizona.. I went through the state many times years ago but my best memory? Strange as it might be is of a breakfast I got there in the southeastern part of the state — three big pieces of sausage, eggs, and lots more… in z little town I can’t even remember.. Considering some of the fare I got on the road it was outstanding!


  2. The dome is beautiful. The car series is very interesting and a good reminder of “the good old days” of dual headlights and steering column mounted shift levers. Nice post!


  3. Howww beautiful. I think Ryan is going to bring me back home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, so I can’t wait to see all these things covered in snow (!).


  4. Quite a change from South Bend to Phoenix! I always loved the Studi’s: hated to see them go! They mad sense in a lot of ways. When I was a kid, my Dad had two of them.


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