Rural Drive-bys

Northern Indiana, southern Michigan…my mom driving, me shooting…almost 2 weeks ago.



These are the kinds of scenes that used to bore me no end when I was a child and we were driving to one of the other towns that my relatives lived in. My father would always say, “Look at these fields and farms, this is the breadbasket of the nation,” and I would roll my eyes and go back to my book or whatever else I was doing. Now I understand.


That’s a compass that you see on the middle of the windshield. That was the first thing my father used to put on a new car and this is the last car my parents bought before he died several years ago. My mother doesn’t drive very far so it’s still in pristine condition. I think it adds a little to the composition…







Love those barns, fields, and farmhouses…




My midwest photofest is almost at an end but I’ve been distracted since being back in AZ and haven’t used my camera once so I hope I get out shooting soon.


6 thoughts on “Rural Drive-bys

  1. A fine “driving” series with interesting pictures in and out of the car. I get to make an occasional trip with my daughter when I can take “drive by” shots while she drives. Much fun!


  2. Wow, these are awesome. And it’s official – I’m going to Indiana this Christmas break with Ryan. What’s maybe crazier? He’ll drive out before me, I’ll fly out a week or so later, and we’re DRIVING back to AZ together. Purchasing extra strength Snuggie as we speak.


  3. Tabbie loves to go for rides out in the countryside. There’s a post made in August of 2008 which is sooooo typical of what Tabbie loves to do. It’s the one called Strange Highway.

    Your pictures here capture a feeling and convey it very well. Most enjoyable!


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