Red Geraniums

Red Leaves

Pink Roses

Floral Pot

Have a good weekend!


10 responses to “Vivid

  1. I like the rich, fall colors! Nice series with beautiful flowers to remind us of the days of summer. Our fall colors have been weak locally. Trees turn a lackluster yellow and then brown! yuk.

  2. Vivid indeed! Good to see because at the moment in the middle of a cold spell, there’s not a lot of color here.

  3. Vivid was the word that came to mind for me too 🙂 nice!

  4. you always come up with such gorgeous garden blooms to photograph!

  5. Bonsoir,
    A nice serie..beautiful colors..bravo!

  6. Those wonderful colors are real attention grabbers. Nicely done.

  7. Wonderful shots, Candace. I especially like that last shot – well done!!

  8. Awesome shot of color…I needed this as I am shoveling snow off my front porch this morning.

  9. All of the blogs I’ve visited today have such nice color. Weird.

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