Week in Review

Leo Bench 2

Got a new bench for the front porch so the plastique Adirondacks, which are actually very comfortable, are now on the back patio so I can read in peace without the neighbors coming over to bug me every time I want to sit outside for awhile. This bench is more comfy than it looks. I can’t decide if it needs a cushion. The bench seat is curved so I don’t know if a cushion would lay flat against it.

Cat Flare

This morning’s view from the bench, love that flare.

View from Front Porch

This is the old view from the porch.


There was a tree for every mail truck. These trees are very old.

Pigeon in Tree

But tree #1 wasn’t doing too well. We kept getting the dead limbs trimmed off. This photo from earlier in the summer shows that it still was green although very sparse.

Dead Tree 1

Even though we watered it frequently, the long hot summer took its toll. So a few days ago, we sadly did what needed to be done and put it out of its misery. It leaves kind of a gaping space in our yard that we’re not sure what to do with yet. It’s always sad when an old tree bites the dust.

No more tree

And the reason I’m sitting around on the bench drinking coffee instead of going to work is because I have “flu-like symptoms.” I had the seasonal flu vaccine but not the H1N1 one yet because it hasn’t arrived. I work in a hospital so we have to stay home if we have these symptoms. I can’t go back to work until at least Thursday. I don’t feel that bad now other than the persistent, annoying cough.


There were 5 of us out yesterday in my 16 person office. I don’t usually get the flu so I was surprised that one of those was me…Take your echinacea. I didn’t.


8 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Hope you feel better soon Candace. I had to laugh at the neighbors bugging you…I think that must be universal….and your neighborhood looks like a lovely spot to live.


  2. I like your new front porch bench. Sad about the trees. We’ve had some disease striking trees here too. A huge tree in a person’s back yard becomes a costly item to remove. Get well soon. The initial h1n1 clinics here for kids resulted in “hours-long” lines and many people turned away.


  3. Candace,

    It all sounds so familiar, the neighbors coming over, the tree and such… ha, ha. I hope you get well soon.

    As for the tree, I have over a hundred in my so-called “yard” and I feel a sadness when any one of them dies. There is a red oak fungus that can kill them suddenly and I’ve cut down more than I want to think about in the last two years. We have tried our best to preserve the natural forest that surrounds us but it doesn’t take well to occupation sometimes. Still, the trees that remain are beautiful and I love strolling around through them..


  4. Love your new bench, Candace. It’s sad when a tree has to come down, but it definitely looked like it was necessary in the case of this poor tree. Hope you are back to 100% real soon.


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