Outdoor Living

I’ll try not to be obnoxious about it but as many of you are putting away your outdoor furniture, raking leaves, pulling out your down parkas, looking for your windshield scrapers, and generally gearing up for the long, icy winter, we in central Arizona are heading into several more months of gorgeous weather. Our “outdoor living areas” were looking tired so I tried to spruce them up a little today.

Yellow Orange

The geraniums will last until April or May.


And the petunias almost as long.


This guy will be around for another week or so.


These are all on our front porch now. The back patio may not be photo-worthy but I did work on it some today, too, and might have photos later. I spray-painted a rusty metal table and accessorized a little. It’s kind of a strange little patio but I like it.

I thought about buying this bench the other day but the guy talked me out of it by saying the grout and tile might get damaged if it gets hit by our sprinklers and the bench will get doused now and then when the wind is blowing.

Curved bench

So this is the one I selected instead while it was still at the nursery (which is in my last post).

Leo Bench 3

And this is the front outdoor living area today.


I decided to go with elk’s advice and not put a cushion on the bench~let its bones show. We have a lot of cat’s claw, as you can see, but it looks really pretty when its yellow flowers bloom. Fall, winter, and spring~the best times of the year in Phoenix.


12 thoughts on “Outdoor Living

  1. Rub. It. In. You are so mean!! 🙂 I spent the day doing some more fall yard clean up, which included raking leaves. And I’m not done!!

    That bench with the tile is really cool, but it would get water stained from the sprinklers. I like the one you did get, though.


  2. A fine series of flowers to brighten our dreary days up here and a nice view of your homey looking place. Looks like a wonderful place to hang out on your new bench. I liked this series very much.


  3. You are obnoxious.
    – how beautiful is that, gorgeous flowers and colors..
    I’ll have to live vicariously thru you for the next 6 months…what a beautiful spot you have there.
    Are you feeling better?


  4. Looks as if you’ve prettied up the place quite a but… I’m glad you have great sunny weather to look forward to but I’m glad I now have real seasons after living in Houston for so many years!


  5. Please, do rub it in! We’ve suffered here for the last 4 months so it’s about time we could gloat about the beautiful weather! Your front porch looks lovely 🙂


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