Today and tomorrow (November 1 and 2) are Los Dias de los Muertos. It’s not a holiday that is part of my heritage but it’s certainly part of Phoenix’ culture and I think it’s a fascinating celebration.


This is a Day of the Dead card I made a couple of years ago for a mailing. This year Halloween and Los Dias de los Muertos snuck up on me and I didn’t get anything created nor did I go to see any of the local ofrendas…yet. I didn’t even get any marigolds but I guess pomegranates (which we have in our yard) also have some vague significance to the holiday.

pom ddlm 2

My cousin, who is more organized than me, sent the above card this year and the cookie last year. This is the poem inside her card.

ddlm poem

If you celebrate the holiday in any way, Feliz Dia de los Muertos! It’s a happy holiday, not a sad one.

7 thoughts on “Feliz

  1. A fine series and one of which I know very little. Thanks for the information.
    I remember “day of the dead” celebrations in Mexico with elaborate graveyard events.


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