Another November Day




This is what November in Phoenix looks like. It was a little too warm as we wandered around the Local First Fall Festival.


When you shop at a locally owned business, 45 cents of every dollar stays in Arizona – versus only 13 cents of every dollar spent at a national chain!


9 responses to “Another November Day

  1. I love pic #2…those three colors together are amazing!

  2. what blooms of autumn here…that is quite a statistic…

  3. That is just some massive beauty. Love the vibrant colors…Thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful flowers! I had all but forgotten the winter flowers down there.

  5. Good try but I’m not envious yet as it got to near 80 day before yesterday! Beautiful shots!

  6. Very pretty flower pictures. Our “flower” days are over for a few months. Icy slick roads this morning on the way to coffee! Interesting comment on buying locally versus chains.

  7. Ohh! The top flowers (Amapola in Puerto Rico) against the blue wall. Beautiful!!

  8. That is a great stat. Did you see Phoenix Mag’s list of all the great local spots? I am going to make this more of a priority.

  9. Nice hibiscus. We have an hibiscus in our backyard. For some reason, it still looks healthy. Should be eating the dirt soon.

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