Dreary November?

Is it dark and dreary where you are? Is it snowing?

Roof and clouds 2

Oh, sorry. Not here. But it is one of those Arizona fall days where the clouds are fluffy, it’s a little breezy, and kind of cool.

Bougain clouds

Bougain clouds crop

Bougain clouds crop x2

Pyracantha clouds

More of the same for the weekend, low 70s in the day, low 50s at night. Brrrrr. Sweater weather, hot cocoa weather.

Birds in clouds

Cat pig bee

Patio thru screen 2

Probably gonna read on the patio a little, get some chores and shopping done, spend some time outside, relax. What about you?

Patio thru screen


10 responses to “Dreary November?

  1. Love that Arizona weather! We had a breeze here too, but about 20° and a little snow in the air.

  2. We had a wicked Nor’easter come through this week. Cleanup was a bitch. Just filled about 30 bags.

  3. Yesterday it was 70 and today it is 50… I’m freezing my not insubstantial _______ off!

  4. The translucent flowers against the deep blue sky look awesome. Fantastic work!

  5. Lovely! It’s been SO beautiful here lately.

  6. More or less the same weather here, warm (almost hot) during the day, and pretty chilly at night!
    What is that metal insect? Bee or butterfly? Pretty nice!

  7. Go ahead…rub it in.
    I love the bouganvilla and the blue skies…so gorgeous.
    …and yes it has been snowing here.

  8. candace i am thrilled by this series of images…November her is not so bad…yours looks beautiful!! Enjoy!!

  9. Its good to live in the south. Cool yard art

  10. 50° is warm!! Wimp. 🙂 I am jealous of those flowers, though – gorgeous!

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