Birthday Month

I go through this intersection by the Crosscut Canal on my way home from work most nights and I always like the view. Even though it is very industrialized, I like the look of all the lines from the power lines to the palm trees to the signs to the lines on the road, all set against the backdrop of the mountains. Not conventionally pretty but sort of interesting graphically.

So I shot these out my window with my point and shoot while waiting for the light to change. It’s a very busy scene, which is my metaphor for why I haven’t posted in several days. I’ve been busy…with birthdays. Six people I know have November birthdays. Tomorrow, the 20th, is Tony’s birthday. Tonight I am baking a cake while blogging. My friend Jere’s birthday was the 15th so our little birthday club went out to celebrate her birthday a couple of days before. Jere chose the Arizona Humane Society as her charity of choice.

It was also both of my boss’ birthdays and our office tradition is we provide the goodies for our boss’ birthdays. And, additionally, 2 other people in my office had November birthdays and we celebrated those, too.  Plus we attended a surprise party for another friend who has a November b-day, even though the party itself was on Halloween. So, Happy Birthday to a bunch of people I know.

Any other Scorpios out there?


6 thoughts on “Birthday Month

  1. Today was my birthday (the 19th – I think it might technically be the 20th right now)!! Today I turned 50. I’m having a giveaway – stop by! 🙂

    I like unconventional beauty, such as the lines in your photos. Well done, Candace.


  2. Three coffee friends had birthdays on consecutive days this week. You’ve been a busy person! I like your drive-by shots. They show us what real life on the roads is like and should be good photographic subjects. I like pretty pictures, but that is not how life actually is! 🙂 Fine post.


  3. I enjoy perusing your blog as it is a little glimpse of your life.. and it’s great to step into someone’s shoes for just a few minutes. I agree the intersections is both graphically interesting and insulting at the same time… only my opinion there.. And my birthday is Dec. 28th so don’t forget it.. ha, ha..

    Oddly I always got a birthday present wrapped in Christmas wrapping or in a plain brown sack… (usually underwear or socks).. Seems that a bithday so close to Christmas is inconvenient for everyone… ha, ha.


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