Morning Light

Pretty but don’t eat them!

You’d think it was spring or something.


A morning drink (Edie, Isabella, and Ashford).

Google catching a few rays after breakfast.

Pensive in the morning.

Marbles wondering how he’s going to get that bird.

Hope your Thanksgiving was fun and your weekend is restful or filled with shopping bargains. I’ll choose the former.


10 thoughts on “Morning Light

  1. I fine series this morning. All are interesting, but I tend to favor the kitty shots. They are so interesting and have the ability to relax so thoroughly.
    Thanks for all your comments on my blog! By the way, on Black Friday my friends at Starbucks said they were swamped between 4 and 5:00am. It is a crazy world!


  2. Love your kitty shots!! I love the names you give them, too. Google and Marbles – purrfect. 🙂 This only shopping I did over the weekend was online and that’s the way I’ll probably do the rest of my shopping. Crowd avoidance is the key!


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