Hustle and Bustle

Amidst the shopping, sending Christmas cards, wrapping, packing, and mailing gifts, and Tony taking an unplanned, last-minute business trip to China with a return date of 12/23 (!), our house isn’t decorated yet nor have I taken anymore holiday-ish shots so these will have to do for a couple of days. This is a Powerpoint I put together last year to be emailed to a few friends.

Tonight, I am definitely working on the tree and decorations. How are your holiday preparations going? Any parties yet? I’ve been to two work-related ones and another lunch tomorrow. This Saturday night Tony and I had plans to go to the Wrigley Mansion for a holiday celebration with some friends but he’s several thousand miles away. I’m still going to go but it won’t be nearly as festive without him.

I still have shopping to do, too, and plan to finish that up this weekend…I hope.


7 thoughts on “Hustle and Bustle

  1. Perfect expressions on your cats…I am laughing at #2 so funny!
    I hope you have fun at Wrigleys
    (bring camera) and enjoy decorating the tree.
    Just finished the last of my Christmas shopping today…my youngest was so exhausted he just laid down in one of the isles…Holidays can be hard work!


  2. I like your post with the cats…very nice and it definitely helps my Christmas spirit! I hope your Mansion trip turns out to be better than expected. I can’t talk with Christmas cards still undone! 🙂


  3. Hahahaha, LOVE the cat photos. I really think we bloggers should start a “Ways to humiliate your pet” feature on our blogs on a regular basis…it’s just way too fun.


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