2010 Approaches

In reading some of my regular blogs the last couple of days, I am seeing a lot of introspection about changes and/or goals to achieve in 2010. I kinda feel like a slug that I don’t really have anything deep to offer. 2009 was a decent enough year for me. I was sad that a lot of people that I know had economic difficulties and other negative things to contend with. We were fortunate enough to keep our jobs and our lifestyle wasn’t really impacted so I am mostly thankful.

Tony has had to travel way more than he would like so I hope that will change for him in 2010. His New Year will be spent in Portland, working (after playing a New Year’s Eve gig with his band here), and then he heads for Vegas next week for the Consumer Electronics Show before he has fully recovered from his last-minute, pre-Christmas trip to China. I guess that would be my main wish, on a personal level, for a positive change career-wise in 2010 for him.

What do you hope for in 2010? I know we all would like world peace, an end to the recession, and everyone we know to be healthy and happy. I’ve read a lot of blogs lately where people would like more simple joys in their life. I like that idea, too. I’d also like my cats to quit clawing up all our furniture and for them to keep their paws off our new loveseat if it ever arrives.

And~I’d like to get out and take more photos so that I can blog more than 2-3 times a week. My hope is to blog 4-5 times a week again. One of the best things for me, personally, in 2009 was to start blogging. I not only enjoy having a blog but reading all of your blogs, too, and making new friends in the blogosphere. I continually come across new ones and am awed by the level of writing, creating, and photography out there.

Yes, these are all cheap, in-camera, special effects. Zooming in and out on the Christmas tree lights and the first one is one I just discovered yesterday on my cell phone camera that I took at the Steely Dan concert in October and that seemed appropriate to use to welcome in the New Year and hope it is one of positive change, promise, and happiness.


11 thoughts on “2010 Approaches

  1. I like those “cheap” effects. I think they are appropriate for celebrating the New Year.
    And I also would like the simple joys of life for 2010. I enjoyed your blog very much this year, and can’t wait to see what new things you bring to your blog in 2010!


  2. I love the Steely Dan shot! It’s been a pleasure to cross paths with you this year (well, our blogs crossed paths lol). Wising you, and Tony, and the kitties all the best in 2010.

    2010. Is that the new year??? It sounds like science fiction!


  3. The effects look good to me. I read your comment with interest. I share your wishes. May 2010 be a wonderful year marked by peace and fulfillment in each of our lives.


  4. Loving the effects…very cool Candace.
    Wishing you a creative, healthy and blessed 2010.
    I love your blog and it has been so fun getting to know you.
    Happy New Year~ Godt Nytt ar!


  5. As one of the ones who had a year of difficulties, I want to take a moment to thank you for always being a positive and supportive commenter… Your blog and pics are always enjoyable, a pleasant ‘oasis’ in a chaotic world… Please do keep blogging…



  6. I am with you.. nothing huge. My hope for 2010 is to not make any apologies for who I am.

    Wishing you a happy new year and for your new loveseat to arrive very soon.. and for your cats to stay away from it 🙂


  7. I LOVE your cheap in-camera special effects! Don’t knock ’em! 🙂 I’ve been doing the same as you today, reading other people’s introspective thoughts on the year past and looking towards the new year and I, too, have been a slug. However, tonight I found a word that I’m going to concentrate on for the year. Wishing you all the best in the new year and for the speedy arrival of your new loveseat!


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