365…no, 52…maybe

So many photobloggers and people on photo forums (Flickr, photojojo) are embarking on ambitious 365 projects with the start of 2010. I thought about it…briefly…but it seemed like too much pressure. There are many days I don’t take any photos and I don’t want that to make me feel like I’m failing. So I thought I might give a 52 project a whirl. I guess I’m not alone in that regard because there is a 52 group on Flickr doing just that. Then I tried to decide if I should have a theme for the 52. A lot of people seem to be doing self-portraits or other portraits. That didn’t appeal to me either so I’m just going with 52, no theme as of yet.

And heading into Day 4, I don’t have anything yet! So I already feel pressured. I might use this photo taken today of one of our outdoor cats, WB, a very sweet boy. I sort of like it because it almost looks like a sepia print except for the black and white cat but that’s just the way the colors of the leaves were.

Or maybe a triptych…

Well, I just entertained myself, I kind of like them as a triptych.

Maybe I should do 52 triptychs? Are you doing any themed projects?

And I’ll really miss the WordPress flurries which end on 1/4 😦

14 thoughts on “365…no, 52…maybe

  1. With your cats, you can never go wrong with cat photos!

    I’ve never tried to set number goals for posts nor hiking miles, although I do keep track of both. It’s more fun and less pressure to just let them happen and be an observer.


  2. I have never been a big fan of the daily photo type of posts myself. Many seem too forced and uninspired. I like 52 better, but don’t let that discourage you from posting more. Good luck with your project!


    1. Oh, I’m going to post more, like I have been. The 52 Project is sort of separate from my blog, it’s on Flickr at:

      Week 1: WB Triptych 2

      But I’ll probably post them on this blog, too, along with other things.


  3. I like the triptychs … reminds me of pop art in a way. I’m participating in the 365 to improve my photo skills. I’ve always liked taking pictures & posting photos without words on a separate blog (so far, only 5 days into it) has been easy. I think if 52 sounds fun then do it but without pressure as that would take the fun away. If it’s not fun, why do it?!!!


  4. I’m not doing any themed or timed projects but I do have one photo project I will be working on during the year: photographing hands. But that will be in amongst all the other things so it’s not even a real theme … just a subject to chronicle as the year goes along.

    I much prefer the idea of a 52 week project and no theme. That gives you much more flexibility to stretch — like a cat — and to explore. So many possibiliites! Enjoy!


  5. oooh – a new meme. I like meme’s though I don’t participate every week. Hard to fit everything in! Cute kitty pics! Sorry wordpress took the snow away… I’m hoping to keep mine for a while yet! Blessings today and always!


  6. Great idea and the triptych works well… and as one who went an entire year posting I can only tell you that the pressure is only self perceived.. sort of like being afraid of the dark until you just get tired of it… then you just go ahead and get some rest… that’s what missing a day finally becomes… enjoy!


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