Splash of Color

I have no clue what this is.

Most days I drive by it on my way home from work and it has intrigued me for a long time. It’s in the front yard of an older house in Scottsdale.

I like to think that these are prayer flags or something with a spiritual or celebratory significance but maybe it was just a way to save a dead tree from removal. At least someone with an artistic sense created it.

It’s hard to get a good shot of it because it has distracting backgrounds from every angle but it always makes me happy to see it.

Have you ever seen anything like this and know what it might represent?


14 thoughts on “Splash of Color

  1. It certainly is a remarkable piece of art work and perhaps more. I like the way the designer has employed string, flags and bands of color on the dead tree. I too will be interested to see if anyone has an explanation.


  2. Because it makes you happy when you see it, the effort someone took to do the art was well worth while I’d say! With the rock work at its base, it seems that there was a real effort to preserve it.


    1. No, I did it on the sneak but I stayed on the sidewalk, I didn’t go in their yard. The yard is fenced with chain link but the gate was open. The house is set way back and the tree is pretty close to the street so I didn’t feel too guilty. Maybe someday I’ll go to their door and get the story.


  3. Weird color thing. I think you could photograph it from below with a wide-angle lens or get really close to some details to eliminate the background.
    It looks to me like a work in progress or maybe art depicting work in progress.


  4. Oh, I think you need to go to the door for the story, Candace! It’s very cool, whatever it is, but I’m thinking it was a great way to keep from taking out a dead tree.


  5. I think it’s purely and simple a work of art. And how wonderful it makes you happy. I bet that’s what the artist intended. You should enquire.


  6. Hi Candace! I tried to google this, before I commented, to give more info..but found nothing 😦 Like your tribute to it. Maybe its just a family tradition of sorts!


  7. Dear Candace,
    You are so clever with your blog/photos on Scottsdale. It doesn’t make me homesick though, but I could be tempted to be after viewing and reading about the west’s most western city ( I didn’t know that!) Thanks for sharing. Cyn


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