He and his friend dart all around our yard…

This time of year they go from the aloe and the pyracantha…

to the feeder…zipping right by my face…unless I have my camera. Then they become elusive. So for my 52 Project, Week 2, this is all I could get…which I made into another triptych.

Someday I’m going to get one of those beautiful, close-up shots of one of them that everyone else seems able to get. But not for Week 2.

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10 thoughts on “Elusive

  1. Those photos are so refreshing after seeing so many rather plain winter settings and bring back good memories of your area in winter. Take good care of that beautiful little guy: he might be one of our cherished summer visitors!


  2. You managed to come up with several fine shots. I have nuthatches that flit to the feeder, get one or two pecks, and dart away. I too like seeing more summer-like pictures!


  3. They are elusive little creatures. My son and his former girlfriend had a couple of feeders hanging by their dining room windows. Would have made for excellent photos, if I’d had my camera back then. That third shot of your triptych is a great capture, Candace! Your others are too, but I’m thinking specifically of the hummingbird.


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