An unusual sight in Phoenix…

I don’t get a chance to photograph raindrops very often and I knew I needed to have my 3/52 done by tomorrow so last night, in a storm, I ventured way out to my front porch.

They look so luscious…the berries and the drops.

Late tonight/early tomorrow morning, a really bad storm is supposed to hit…the one that just did a bunch of damage in California. I pretty much hate storms but know we need the water. It’s predicted to rain continuously for the next few days.

Wish I could just stay home throughout it all but I have to go to work. At least Tony isn’t traveling right now. So, I made a couple more beds out in the covered carport and alcove for the outdoor kitties so they all have a place to sleep under a roof and I’ll have to hope they stay safe and close by.

Now I just have to decide how to put Week 3 of my 52 Project together…do a diptych, triptych, quadtych, whatever, or just use one photo.

In yesterday’s photojojo newsletter, they mentioned Shape Collage, a free download that automatically arranges your selected photos into different-shaped collages. The free version is limited but still pretty cool and the paid version is only $25 and offers a lot more features (I just used the free version). Here’s a collage of my photos from last night:

You can have hours of fun with this program!

Updated: This is what I decided for my 3/52, actually called a “pentaptych.”

12 thoughts on “Drip

  1. Nice job catching those rain drops! They look so nice on the bright berries. I’ve been watching that storm that’s headed your way. Wish I could be there to see the water run in the washes again.


  2. candace your drop photos are so nice…unusual weather for you always can bring a photo op . Thanks for the the shape collage link, it looks fun. I like your new look here


  3. They all are fine, colorful shots with excellent detail showing the droplets.
    The five-picture result looks very good. I hadn’t heard of this program before. Nice post.


    1. The five-picture one actually was not made with Shape Collage but with a program that came on my Mac called Comic Life. I never use it except for these templates where you can plug photos in easily.


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