As if…

…I don’t already spend enough time on my computer, here’s another free photo program to while away the hours. I first heard about Poladroids on the photojojo forum. This free program turns any photo into an old Polaroid, some complete with thumbprint smudges (I haven’t gotten any of those yet).

The program puts this cute little Polaroid camera on your desktop, where you simply drag and drop a photo onto it, and after the development time and some entertaining sound effects, you have gone back to a time when photos had garish colors, dark edges, not-so-crisp details, and development smudges all over them.

Now you have something to do with those photos that just aren’t quite good enough to post! Almost as much fun as the other free program mentioned in my last post, Shape Collage, where you can do cool things like this:


14 thoughts on “As if…

  1. You’ve steered us to an impressive program whose results look quite authentic (as I recall). I like the choice of subject you chose to convert to Polaroid-like images. Well done.


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