Scottsdale Continued…

“The West’s Most Western Town.” I’ve thought this was funny for a long time because there is a lot about Scottsdale that isn’t “western” at all…like all the 5-star resorts, lush golf courses, expensive shopping, the nip and tuck crowd that lives there, the multi-million dollar homes…Scottsdale trademarked the slogan in 1951 but the city has tried to cultivate a more sophisticated image since then. As a result, one of the last vestiges of its Western heritage – the Rusty Spur Saloon – finds itself sandwiched in among chi-chi spots like the W Hotel, AZ88 The Bar, and RA Sushi Bar.

In fact, the other day, as I strolled through Old Town, I couldn’t find the slogan prominently displayed anymore like it used to be. Although I’ve worked in Scottsdale for almost the whole 30 plus years I’ve lived in AZ, it’s Phoenix (and Tempe) that I really love. But Old Town is fun. Even though it’s very touristy, it’s not like North Scottsdale, which is where the big $$ and glamour is. There’s still some quaint charm left in Old Town.

A recent Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce survey found that fewer than 11 percent of registered voters even knew they lived in the “West’s Most Western Town.” Sheesh, I just work there and I knew it.

You can ride in a horse-drawn carriage in Old Town.

You can see some wild horses, too. They’re just not real.

And you can see a lot of questionable Western art like this.

Yeeha! (<—play me)

(If you want to see more of Old Town, this is a post I did almost a year ago.)


9 thoughts on “Scottsdale Continued…

  1. Yeeha, indeed! LOL

    I LURVE that door — though it would probably look a bit odd on the front of a brick ranch house in suburban Central Pennsylvania 🙂


  2. Love this…thanks for taking us on atour of your down town…it sure is eclectic. I love all the color and textures in your images.( I need a front door like that…and maybe some red boots)


  3. Very nice to see such excellent photos of the place. When I first got to know Scottsdale (in early 1968) it was much more western. It has been a little sad to see the transition to the town of today. It seemed much more romantic way back when. And Pinnacle Peak was still quite a bit western then too!


  4. A fine tour of “old town” and its remaining bits of charm. I like this series very much. My favorite is the horse turning across the picture. All are interesting though. Fine post.


  5. I’m pouting – I couldn’t get the yeehaw to work. I love that capture of the door – so cool!! And the first capture of the horse and carriage is also a fave. Well done, Candace! It’s fun to see all the different looks of the area.


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