The Little Park

There’s a little park close to our house that we walked through on Sunday, just so I could get some photos for the blog and my 52 Project. It was pretty fruitful, you’ll be seeing some of those images in days to come. This is a bottlebrush, I had never seen one until moving to Arizona, and thought they were the strangest-looking things. This is just a small one, the brushes get much larger. They are drought-tolerant and suitable for xeriscaping, attractive to bees, butterflies and birds. I’d forgotten about them but it might be fun to have one.

For this week’s contribution to my 52, I decided to scale back since I was up to hexaptychs last time and, really, 6 or 7 images is probably the limit for one of these collages if any detail is going to show. So I went back to a triptych this week.

What are you up to? I’m working on a valentine tonight…and I’m getting ready to have a blog giveaway in the next few days and will be announcing it soon.


12 responses to “The Little Park

  1. It’s so good to see the bottlebrush! I loved them and there were several in our yard but I had all but forgotten about them. I sure do miss the winter flowers and the desert in spring. The triptych is pretty and very well done!

  2. It looks like the walk payed off…the flowers are lovely! Particularly the purple one. And I really like that set of 3. 🙂

  3. Love Bottle brush…always have, sucha different bloom.Neat dippy…or trippy? Like how you did that.

  4. I hadn’t seen a bottlebrush before. Very interesting looking plant…and a fine picture of it. The three offer a nice contrast from color to textured detail. Very nice triptych.

  5. I like the colors on these photos… you seem to have improved the contrast or something… very nice!

  6. I love the purple and red. So vibrant and interesting.

  7. love this photo study 🙂

  8. Your bottlebrush shot is gorgeous. We had them when I was a kid & the bees were constantly hovering around them. Wish I could have them in the NW!! Your triptych is gorgeous, I really like the diagonal lines!

  9. I’d never seen a bottlebrush. How strange.

  10. i enjoy your artistry …such a study of color and texture.glad you are creating a 52 project …

  11. Very nice, Candace! Can’t wait to see what else you got from your walk. Well worth the effort! 🙂

  12. Very interesting looking plant. Love the red bloom

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