The Little Park

There’s a little park close to our house that we walked through on Sunday, just so I could get some photos for the blog and my 52 Project. It was pretty fruitful, you’ll be seeing some of those images in days to come. This is a bottlebrush, I had never seen one until moving to Arizona, and thought they were the strangest-looking things. This is just a small one, the brushes get much larger. They are drought-tolerant and suitable for xeriscaping, attractive to bees, butterflies and birds. I’d forgotten about them but it might be fun to have one.

For this week’s contribution to my 52, I decided to scale back since I was up to hexaptychs last time and, really, 6 or 7 images is probably the limit for one of these collages if any detail is going to show. So I went back to a triptych this week.

What are you up to? I’m working on a valentine tonight…and I’m getting ready to have a blog giveaway in the next few days and will be announcing it soon.


12 thoughts on “The Little Park

  1. It’s so good to see the bottlebrush! I loved them and there were several in our yard but I had all but forgotten about them. I sure do miss the winter flowers and the desert in spring. The triptych is pretty and very well done!


  2. I hadn’t seen a bottlebrush before. Very interesting looking plant…and a fine picture of it. The three offer a nice contrast from color to textured detail. Very nice triptych.


  3. Your bottlebrush shot is gorgeous. We had them when I was a kid & the bees were constantly hovering around them. Wish I could have them in the NW!! Your triptych is gorgeous, I really like the diagonal lines!


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