Guest Photographer

No, that’s not Arizona. Tony took this shot a few days ago from the plane on his way to Portland.

Mount Hood, called Wy’east by the Multnomah tribe, is a stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc of northern Oregon. It is located about 50 miles east-southeast of Portland, on the border between Clackamas and Hood River counties.

The exact height assigned to Mount Hood’s snow-covered peak has varied over its history. Modern sources point to three different heights: 11,249 feet (3,429 m) based on the 1991 U.S. National Geodetic Survey 11,240 feet (3,426 m) based on a 1993 scientific expedition and 11,239 feet (3,426 m) of slightly older origin. The peak is home to twelve glaciers. It is the highest mountain in Oregon and the fourth-highest in the Cascade Range. Mount Hood is considered the Oregon volcano most likely to erupt, though based on its history, an explosive eruption is unlikely. Still, the odds of an eruption in the next 30 years are estimated at between 3 and 7 percent, so the USGS characterized it as “potentially active,” but the mountain is informally considered dormant.

These were taken with his point and shoot. I think they’re really pretty, especially enlarged. I told him he should start his own travel blog.

Back to AZ in my next post.


13 thoughts on “Guest Photographer

  1. Mt Hood is really a gorgeous mountain, especially when seen in person. It always takes my breath away on my drive to Portland, when I round a bend in the road and there it is, bigger than life!! FYI, there is year-round skiing on Mt Hood.


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