…in the sun. This little guy posed for me the other day in the little-park-with-no-name.

He still wasn’t close enough to get a good shot but I liked that he and the branches were all golden. One of these days a hummer is going to come right up to me when my camera is all set to go.

My next post (possibly the one after that) will be the announcement of my giveaway to celebrate my First Blogiversary on February 13th. It will be a prize package with a theme to commemorate another event coming up very soon (not Valentine’s Day). I will post the contents of the prize package and hope that I get some entries, including guys!

This was also taken in the park. The blue paint on the right side is how the block wall really looked but I guess the big golden sun is a lens refraction. I thought it was kind of a bonus…sun graffiti.


10 thoughts on “Glinting…

  1. Nice to see the hummer! I look forward to when they arrive here for the summer: their food and feeder are waiting. The only way I’ve ever been able to get a photo of one has been at the feeder.


  2. Very cool, Candace! Don’t you love bonuses like that? Can’t wait to hear more about your blogiversary giveaway – too fun! I need to get a couple of feeders – a hummingbird feeder and a normal one.


  3. You’ve caught a good picture of these flighty little guys. I’ve gotten a few shots at a feeder, but they don’t look as good as one in flight. I like your sun graffiti.


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