Nature’s Valentine

Sometimes I make photo valentines and send them out to friends. This was going to be my valentine this year but I couldn’t get my printer to print it in anything but a hideous bluish-green no matter how much I messed with it so I had to go to Plan B. I did send just a very few of the Plan Bs out but I wasn’t very happy with them. Of course, right after I sent the Plan B valentines, I made another valentine that I liked much better. I’ll probably post both of those on Valentine’s Day when I announce the winners of my Blogiversary Giveaway. You still have until 2pm MST (4pm EST) on February 14th to enter. You can enter on this post’s comments section or my last post’s comments section.

I also used the above photo as part of a triptych and stuck it into my 52 Project. These are palo verde trees, native to Arizona and other parts of the southwestern US and Mexico.

There’s a Flickr group called Hearts of Nature that has all sorts of cool-looking naturally-occurring hearts.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day and be sure to enter my giveaway (if you haven’t already), which is themed around another exciting February 14th occasion!


8 thoughts on “Nature’s Valentine

  1. I like the natural heart! I hate it when my printer doesn’t perform like it’s supposed to. The most recent episode resulted in it stopping and refusing to print anything until I replace one color! The ink is ordered, but this is maddening.


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