HVD…and the Winner is…

Happy Valentine’s Day! One of my blogging friends, Camilla, at Bloom, often uses textures on her photos and they’re so lovely. I’ve never done it before, other than the built-in textures on Photoshop Elements and they don’t look that great. But I found some free textures on Flickr by NinianLif and this is my first attempt at incorporating them with my photos. This is the Valentine I wish I had sent out instead of Plan B which will be at the end of this post. The text is from a poem called, I Want You To Know, by Micere Githae Mugo, a Kenyan/Zimbabwean poet who is now a professor at Syracuse University.

Now the exciting moment that you may possibly have been waiting for…

Google, my helper, is informed of the rules:

With eyes closed, he randomly selects 2 pieces of paper from the official sombrero:

He then methodically places the winners’ names where they can be photographed:

YAY! First prize goes to Pat of Lost and Found and second prize goes to Don of Slackwater! I’ll notify you by email so you can send me your addresses. Your Arizona prize packages will go out in the mail either Monday or Tuesday after work this week and will be winging their way to your homes.

Thank you to everyone for reading my blog and entering. I’ll be having another giveaway in a month or 2, non-Arizona related.

Happy Arizona Statehood Day and Happy Valentine’s Day.

17 thoughts on “HVD…and the Winner is…

  1. Congrats to the lucky winners and Google is just way too cute! If you want to play around with more textures, you should check out deviantart.com – tons of texture packs to download there. That last shot is especially fantastic.


  2. I think I’m losing my mind. There was a comment posted by me, right above that “I’m so tired” comment and now it’s gone. I said something about congrats to the winners and Google is cute and then something else. Oh well.


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