Reaching for the Light

This triptych is for Week Six of my 52 Project self-assignment. Week 6 was last week and I took these photos on a day off from work, having roof repairs done. I usually like shooting in the late afternoon because of the shadows and quality of light but these were taken around noon. All the flowers and trees looked like they were reaching for the light.

Now we’re in Week Seven and I had a shoot planned for after work today so I actually left work on time, went home, changed, and got my camera but there was a huge, huge crowd and tons of traffic where I wanted to be so I left. I’ll have to try again tomorrow. There shouldn’t be any crowds then as my shoot was going to be occasion-oriented. It’ll still work as long as I can get the shots I want…even though they won’t be taken on the exact day I had in mind.


7 responses to “Reaching for the Light

  1. The daffodils…I can’t beleive they are already up! Really like the different perspectives on your tripstytch.Beautiful.

  2. It’s so nice to see the beauty of the flowers! It has been a long winter.

  3. oh this is amazing to see…your images together make such a window into your world…wow!

  4. These shots are all beautiful, I like their colros.

  5. I like your three-picture combination for its bright colors and nice detail. I’m ready for some pretty flowers! Very nice post.

  6. That blue, blue sky…. Great shot!

  7. lovely, just lovely!

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