This isn’t my church but it’s the Catholic church in my neighborhood, the one whose lovely bells we hear chiming, St. Thomas the Apostle. For my 52 Project, I went there on Ash Wednesday but the place was jam-packed and the traffic was horrendous so I went back on Thursday instead and captured these images in the late afternoon sun.

Here is St. Thomas, carrying his symbol, the square rule. I’ve always found the attributes of the saints very interesting.

I had a little difficulty making the above pentaptych because I realized, when I got home, that I shot everything in portrait orientation so it was hard to make an interesting arrangement. It’s strange because I usually shoot more in landscape orientation.


15 thoughts on “Lent

  1. I think you handled the vertical orientation very well. The graphic quality of the cross is a common thread in the five. The backlit St. Thomas shot has very nice fill flash…subtle, but does the job. Fine shooting. I discovered the gecko last night and he now resides in a fine spot on my refrigerator!
    Thanks again for all the goodies!


  2. I like all of these but especially those top ones — love the perspective.

    I am jealous that you can hear church bells chiming. That is one of my favourite sounds of all.


  3. Gorgeous church… I am really struck by the saint standing amoung the cacti…and the sunflare, something really beautiful about that.
    I think your collage rocks…your compostions are truly interesting.


  4. Wow, Candace! I love this particular set as one of your best yet… Evokes feelings, inspires, satisfies… Excellent set! Maybe you should do more portrait-orientations 🙂



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