Bad Haiku

Sun vs. Rain

glistening berries
sparkling in brilliant sunlight
foreshadow wet gloom

I can’t write poetry like my blogger friend, Unilove, but anyone can write bad haiku…and I just did.

I’m a traitor to my desert. I try to always preface my whine of “I hate rain,” with “I know we need it, but…” But I’m not the only one now…others are being bold and saying it, too.  For the past 6 weeks, we have had 1-2 rainy days a week, very unusual. I think we’ve already hit our average rainfall for the year. And that’s good, I know, because drought is really bad but I’m sick of it! And it’s going to rain again this weekend. We will have a lot of wildflowers because of it…and more bugs in the summer…and a lot of dandelions now but it’s a good thing…I guess.


11 thoughts on “Bad Haiku

  1. Great contrast with the bright red and greens! You are indeed a desert person, Candace. I do have to admit though that when I lived in Arizona I liked the rains of late summer much more than the ones in winter.


  2. Beautiful new header…love the fresh spring feeling!
    Gorgeous bursts of color today Candace.
    We have the same term in Montucky…”we don’t like rain…but we need it” In our case if it doesn’t rain we get huge forest fires. It’s not only devastaing but the smoke, get so bad it’s hard to breathe.
    Happy rainy wednesday to you.


  3. yours is yet another example of how the entire world is experiencing complete changes in weather patterns. If only everyone would do their part to reduce the greenhouse gases and other pollution.
    What a pretty and unique holly with those cream coloured edges.


  4. I like your berry shots. Nice close ups. The weather patterns are certainly “different” this year. We’ve hardly had any snow at all this winter – officially around 12-13 inches compared to 90 last winter! Weird…as is all your rain.


  5. Great photos and poem. I counted the syllables as 17. I think I remember that Haiku is supposed to be 17. If you search on on Basho you will find many remixes with Basho’s haikus. Basho is one of the best I guess. There are many other poets done on youtube. Another example is Neruda.

    Here is a good youtube clip on Basho’s The Frog


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