What is Inspiration?

Inspiration is a fragile thing…
Just a breeze,
touching the green foliage of a city park.
Just a whisper from the soul of a friend.
Just a line of verse clipped from some book.
Who can say where it is born, and why it leaves us?
Who can tell the reasons for its being or not being?
Only this…
I can think inspiration comes from the Heart of Heaven…
To give the lift of wings,
and the breath of divine music
to those of us who are earthbound.

~Margaret Sangster~

Above is Week 8 of my 52 Project, which you’ve already seen singly if you saw my previous post but I did like the way the 4 images went together in this tetraptych.

Two days with no home phone or internet service are now behind me, yay! And I can get back to being inspired by your blogs and photos. I missed you!

11 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. The four work together extremely well. Fine tetraptych. The rugged wood shots are so different, but successful in their own unique way. Nice posts.


  2. Those four photos look amazing together! Every time I think you’ve posted my “favorite” shot…another one comes along to take its place.


  3. Very inspirational photos and words… about inspiration. You should write your own! I did a few (actually many more) but put some of them here: — FYI I’m NOT trying to sell this but as an internet friend I thought you might want to try a one-off as well… it was easy! (I think they are a bit expensive myself but it was for my family.)


    1. Wow, I read and looked at your whole book. It’s gorgeous. Your photos are always exemplary and so is your writing. I’m sure your family treasures it. I may do one at the end of the year for my 52 project but there probably won’t be much writing other than of a descriptive nature. I love to write but I’m not much of a creative writer, more of a research paper kind of writer 🙂


  4. Love the branches, Candace. It’s so frustrating when the internet goes down. I could care less about the phone, but the internet is a totaly different story. Glad you’re back online.


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