Hey, Bud

For My 52 Project last week. And here they are in all their budding glory…spring is bustin’ out all over.

These were all taken in our yard on Saturday. I have a few more from then that I’ll post this week as we head into the official beginning of spring!


13 responses to “Hey, Bud

  1. Daylight savings time and spring, two of my favorite things. Well no Lantana blooming in my yard yet. Wonderful shots!

  2. Very nice collection! Isn’t it nice to get started with spring!

  3. great floral showings!

  4. your work keeps getting better and better… these are amazing!

  5. Fine variety in this spectacular “spring” series. I like the tiny details and the rich colors. Our early flowers should be blooming any time now.

  6. Bonsoir,
    A nice serie..Beautiful saturation and DOF..Bravo!

  7. Great photos, I show my children I teach for digital photography some examples of your photos. http://misphotography.wordpress.com/

  8. beautiful and colorful flowers set

  9. Very colorful excellent work… and those flowers and plants look like summertime versions to me.

  10. I was just thinking today as I was smelling the orange blossoms how gorgeous this Spring is. Thanks to all the extra rain, our wildflowers should be hopping.
    Your photos are a gorgeous tribute!

  11. actually the bud phase is to me as interesting as the bloom at times…so may miss it …you have captured them well candace!

  12. wow, so lovely! these are some really great captures

  13. I’m jealous of your wonderful spring color, Candace! I had to go buy a forsythia the other day so I’d have some color in my yard. The tulips are poking through the ground, but not ready to bloom yet.

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