Last November, I wrote about the foreclosed house next door to us. After many offers fell through, it has now been sold to an investor (flipper) who is drastically renovating it inside and out. I guess that’s a good thing because he won’t be selling it cheaply or renting it in poor condition for a nominal amount to some crackheads. The houses in our neighborhood are 60 plus years old. Some other foreclosures in this area have also been remodeled lately and, although they look quite nice, they don’t really retain the look of an older home…which I think is unfortunate.

This house had some unattractive siding on it which, thankfully, he has torn off. When he did that, this colored glass window from the 1940s was revealed. But…he said he was probably going to cover it up again so that leads me to believe that this house won’t be retaining its historical integrity either. I would consider it a bonus to find this. I’ve left him a note offering to buy the window if he pulls it out but I know he probably won’t be doing that, just stuccoing over it. I want it, though! I hate to see it disappear again, maybe forever.

Tomorrow I will be starting a 4 week online photography workshop with Camilla from Bloom and her friend, Carolyn. So I guess you will be seeing the results of my assignments here for awhile, along with my 52 Project, of course. I’m kind of excited about it and hoping I learn some new things.

Meanwhile, here are a couple more spring photos from my yard, taken last weekend.

Does anyone know what this flower is (above)?

Spring has sprung!


11 thoughts on “Revealed

  1. i think the window is amazing ..tell him not to cover it!! i will be excited for you to take the class…i would like to to that when life slows down..haha


  2. I found your story about the house and its special window very interesting. I hope you get the window! The spring flowers look great with the brilliant colors and detail. I saw my first crocus yesterday!


  3. I live in a 1950s ranch and have the same little window on my house–minus the cool colored glass. It’s one of my favorite features of the house. Unfortunately, I can only really see the window from the outside because it’s inside a very small coat closet near my front door. Who puts a window in a closet? That might be why your neighbor’s window was covered up in the first place. I hope you end up with it, but if not, it lives on in your photography.


  4. We put a window like that in our home although it has plain glass insets rather than the colored glass and we love it. I hope you are able to acquire the window!

    Your plants are just so far ahead of ours! The red flower looks like it might be a type of carnation, maybe?


  5. The flower looks like a dianthus – they’re a pretty little flower, good for a border along a sidewalk and can make a nice bold statement. I hope you get your window – it would be a shame to cover it up.


    1. It’s an African Sumac and those are its berries. They grow native here, I believe. We have a bunch of them and we didn’t really plant them, they seem to sprout “volunteers” everywhere.


  6. Lovely photos as always! And I’m delighted you’re taking a class – what fun, and hopefully we’ll get to see your assignments. Fingers crossed you’ll get that window – it definitely should go to someone who knows it’s a keeper.


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