Happy Spring!

At the risk of this continuing to look like a flower blog lately, here’s a few more shots taken at either my house or the formerly foreclosed house next door. What says “spring” more than wildflowers?

My former next-door neighbor scattered wildflower seeds all over a few years ago so every spring we get to see these little orange and yellow beauties in the back alley.

Even some weeds are pretty.

My 52 Project this week almost didn’t get done because I put it off until the weekend and I felt sick Saturday so it didn’t get done until Sunday afternoon. I also don’t really care for it because it doesn’t seem cohesive to me. Its shape was inspired by the revealed window at the house next door discussed in my last post. I wanted to find things in that yard to plug into all the 9 panels but it didn’t work out so some of the photos are from my yard. If I make a Blurb book at the end of the year, which I was thinking of doing, this one will probably be left out.

We have these all over our house right now, another sign of spring.

They’re totally harmless but the ones who make it inside unfortunately become tasty cat snacks on the fly.



9 responses to “Happy Spring!

  1. Bring on spring!Lovely flowers…can’t get enough of the beautiful colors.Very nice collage, really like how you worked it around the window.

  2. never tire of flowers .yours especially friend . i am always happy to see what you have going on over here . i am yellow too…must be the season!!

  3. Lovely pics, as per usual 🙂

    What kind of insect is the “kitty snack”?

    I was just cleaning up some wintery debris from our yard and …. Yay! My daffodils are finally blooming.

  4. Beautiful shots! Those may flies are yummy flying snacks for our dogs, too. They can’t possibly taste that great, can they?

  5. I always love seeing the flowers. We also like to broadcast a few wildflower seeds around in various places too.

  6. A nice series. The bright flowers are always a boost. I like the idea of casting wildflower seed. Nice close up of the cat’s critter dinner!

  7. I see that the old window has given you some inspiration. Well done! As for the Blurb books, I do recommend it as I did a little one as a test just to see how they turn out. Here’s my “test” book that I didn’t index but I was pleased with the final results… http://www.blurb.com/books/1189384

  8. If you going organic like I have at the lake then your mind set better me that some weeds are pretty. Love your flower shots.

  9. Yay, spring is here. My wife already teases me when my head wobbles towards every speck of color. I cannot help it, I am a photographer and so are you.
    Beautiful colors!

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