The Incredible Edible Egg

I didn’t know until last Thursday that I loved eggs so much. They’re okay to eat but they’re awesome to photograph. Something about their form and texture begs to be photographed. I’m participating in Carolyn and Camilla’s online workshop and our first assignment was to photograph a white egg on a white background, then on a black one and, after that, we were free to photograph any egg anywhere. Who’d have thought it would be so fun and addictive?!? It was very hard to pare down the 100 plus photos I took to those I’m posting here.

Local eggs, of course. So, here’s the first part of the assignment. I really liked Carolyn’s photos of eggs in a carton so I had to do that, too. In fact, those are my favorites of my own egg photos.

Our kitchen has almost no natural light so I photographed on my patio (shown). Instead of the usual bright, sunny weather we normally have in AZ, the first few days of this week were partly cloudy when I got home from work so the late afternoon shadows that I like were not there. The light was more diffused but I sort of like the effect anyway.

However, Friday afternoon, it was very sunny again so I did some outdoor shots around my immediate neighborhood with the white egg and its brown friend.

If you ever have photographer’s block or can’t think of anything to photograph, grab an egg and go wild. It was too fun, the possibilities are endless, and eggs look good just about anywhere you take ’em.

Ask me to do this again in about 3 months and the egg may wind up fried. You really can fry an egg on the sidewalk in the summer in Arizona. The news people do it all the time.

Check out some of the other 40 participants’ assignments, too. We’re all supposed to look at and comment on everyone else’s work so I hope I haven’t rambled on too long. Thank you, Carolyn and Camilla, for such an interesting and enjoyable assignment.


39 responses to “The Incredible Edible Egg

  1. I really like the textures you’ve managed to capture on the footpath in the second last photo. The composition is also really interesting. Great photos!

  2. Love your last one with the sun! I found that white on white was easier to photograph with less sun glaring down on it versus the afternoon light. this is going to be fun! Plus, I get to see all these blogs that I wouldn’t normally see!

  3. Great job! It looks like you had a blast with this assignment! 🙂

  4. Love the last sunshine shot! Your photos are nice and colourful.

  5. What a variety of eggs you photographed! Amazing! I think I like the egg box as much as the eggs themselves. The cactus and egg are a nice pair. And there’s something poetic about the egg on the crack in the sidewalk….lots of juxtapositions…stepping on a crack and breaking an egg. Fun!

  6. What a neat assignment. I like the wide variety you created. My personal favorite is one with mild like that produces subtle shadings over the egg.
    Nice…and plentiful work.

  7. oh this looks like such fun, you did a fabulous job…the one in the mailbox made me smile!!…i may just have to try it!!

  8. It’s obvious you had a blast with this assignment ant it certainly shows. Who knew you could have so much fun with an egg? My personal favorite is the last shot–love the colors!

  9. Most excellent Candace.
    I really appreciate your sense of humor. I think you have created some very interesting and unique images. Your grids are really lovely and creative. Your exposure is spot on too.The cactus is brilliant..geeez what a play on texture….and the mailbox is fabby.
    Great job can’t wait to see what you come up with next week.

  10. I too LOVE photographing eggs. I should dig out some of my previous ones and then link back to the ones I posted a year or two ago. I love the variety you have. That last one with the flare is really creative!

  11. What a fabulous carton. I love that you played off that. Egg in the mailbox…wouldn’t that be a fun thing to find!

  12. Great pics . . . and I have to say that the graphics on your local eggs are much cooler than our plain grey boxes!

  13. i like the contrast of the egg on the sidewalk and the egg flare is great!

  14. These are wonderful! I love the egg flare and the egg at the door! Such creativity!!

  15. Great job! Love your fun mosaics and the egg flare!

  16. What a happy and colorful egg photos. Love the one in the mailbox very much.

  17. The photo with the egg and the sun flare is beautiful.

  18. I really like the middle mosaic, all that turquoise poking through makes me happy.

  19. They are all great but my favourite is the last one.

    Great work!

  20. Beautiful and colorful work.

    An interesting idea cactus and egg:)

  21. These are so whimsical! I especially like the one of the egg peeking out of the mailbox.

  22. This is a such a colorful and happy selection of photos. : )

  23. great job on this first assignment~

  24. on that lens flare, on the egg is beautiful!

  25. What a fun assignment! You did a great job with it!! I like the last photo best.

  26. i’m just sooo impressed with everyone’s egg images…
    as i look at all these wonderful images i want to take some more….

    really wonderful posting… very well done! ♥ kim

  27. Addictive? Yes indeed. and it is so quick. I found myself just snapping away. I too came close to 100 shots, and had a rough time narrowing down. I LOVe your last shot…witht he light streaming in. Just wonderful.


  28. Very very nice 🙂 I love the first shot, with the one brown egg mixed in with the whites; I really like the turquoise you used in the backgrounds – beautiful bit of colour! The eggs in the box make cool pictures, and my absolute favourites are the egg on the window sill and the egg peaking out of the mail box! Taking you places you didn’t expect it to, huh, that egg! 🙂

  29. so so fun and playful you are!! my faves are the one in the mailbox, and the one resting at the foot of the door.. you are funny.

  30. you had me at the carton.
    an egg carton with monument valley on the box?
    LOVE this carton. and then there’s the cactus…
    the desert southwest is my idea of heaven so you could shoot anything in that context and i could swoon.

    i especially like the sunlit egg.

  31. Wow, where are my sunglasses….
    Love your happy egg shots 😀

    Nice to meet you!

  32. Very nice Candace! I just discovered that site — wish I’d found it earlier!

  33. I love the distant shot of the egg on the deck. I like the leading line. Very good work.

  34. Hi Candace,

    I love all the fun you had! The grids are beautiful and the last two images are super! I’m glad you were so inspired.

  35. I think you’ve given me my assignment for Wednesday’s post. Great shots, Candace – that last one with the sun flare is outstanding!! I like how you did the montage, too.

  36. Purely delightful.

    You are amazingly creative, Candace.

  37. Fascinating all…. and most fascinating to me, the Hickman Family Farms carton that is so juxtaposed to what we would see in this area of the country… All those rocky spires… it’s humorous.

  38. love the egg and its shadow..Does that mean 6 more months of sunny side ups?? 🙂

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