Early Easter Wishes

Secular vs. religious

Since Saturday is the day we are supposed to post our second assignment for the C and C online photo workshop and it’s best to keep the assignments easy to find for the other participants to see for a couple of days, I decided I had better have an Easter post now. If you celebrate Easter secularly or religiously, Happy Easter!

One thing I’ve learned from this workshop is that it’s fun and almost easier, in a certain way, to have a theme to shoot. So I was thinking of doing a little one week photo challenge for myself once the workshop ends on April 17th. We’ve probably all come across Bench Monday and Wordless Wednesday in the Blogosphere and Flickrland but I thought it would be fun to have a blog day of the week for each day. So I came up with these alliterative blog days:

Macro Monday
Texture Tuesday
Wide-Angle Wednesday
Triptych Thursday
Furry/Feathered Friday
Saturated Saturday
Sun Ray Sunday

Wouldn’t you know that, even though I thought of several of these myself, when I went to look them up on Flickr groups, someone else already had, in several cases! So it goes to prove that old adage,

“There are no original ideas. There are only original people.” (Barbara Grizzuti Harrison)

But, anyway, I thought it might be fun if some of you wanted to join in…either on a daily basis by linking your photos in the comments section or by telling me ahead of time that you want to participate in the weeklong festivities and I’ll link your blog on mine.

I think I will start with Macro Monday on April 19th. I’ll post a reminder before then. The rules will be lax and you don’t have to take the shots on the actual blog days but just post them then.

Since I missed Palm Sunday posting, here’s a couple shots for that, too.


9 thoughts on “Early Easter Wishes

  1. I like your Easter image with the crosses and the palms for Palm Sunday. Fine shots. I like the topics you chose for the days in the week. Sometimes I participate in silly Tuesday, but I’m not very regular! 🙂


  2. Pretty poweful images Candace. The perspective with the crosses are so beautiful. I think your idea is great, count me in.(I am leaving town for a few weeks but will join in when I am back)
    Happy Easter to you and your family.


  3. Sounds like a good plan for that week, Candace! I may follow along (on flickr — I don’t have a blog set up yet), but going to have to see how much energy this Picture Spring workshop consumes.


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