Be Still

Assignment #2 of 4 from Carolyn and Camilla’s photo workshop is a still life, taken from many angles, for composition and perspective.

Then a bird’s eye view:

A little negative space, the sunlight was fading here so there’s a little fill flash involved:

And some blur, for the painterly effect, to see shapes and forms:

This was really just going to be my practice run but time slipped away, you know how that goes, so this is it. The hardest part was choosing objects for the still life. I tried to find objects that would look shapely from any angle, similar tones, as I wanted it a little muted, but I also wanted dramatic shadows. The little stone bunny got added as an Easter bonus. Happy Easter!


29 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. The light and shadows in the first photos are beautiful. I like the first and the last photo the best. And yes it is amazing how fast time goes. Have a lovely Easter!


  2. Very nice light play. Beautiful textures and overall compostions.
    I really like the unfocus ones…they are very interesting.
    Fine job you did…
    Most excellent Candace.
    Happy Easter to you and the fam.


  3. You did a very nice job with this series, Candace! Your compositions were excellent and your choice of objects and colors was also. I really liked the bunny’s shadow in the second one.


  4. I love the last two shots, Candace! I also love the natural light of your first images, before the flash fill. Great shadows – and the little bunny casts a super shadow. Hope you had a great Easter.


  5. oh i agree, the hardest part is choosing your still life!
    i love the second shot and the contrast of the muted pottery against the bright table, and the shiny bokeh in your blurred photos. nice work!


  6. Love the second photo! And the negative spaces; especially the one with the blue (carpet?) in the background – it so beautifully complements the blue/grey in the vases! And the first blurry photo – gorgeous!!
    I LOVE the pottery, and the different shapes in your photos – lovely set-up!


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