Quack, Honk, Yawn

After both the cookout with friends and the “Spring Fling” garden party that we were going to go to on Saturday fell through for various reasons, we went to a new coffee house and then for a walk in nearby Granada Park. This park has 2 small lakes in it and it’s in a pretty location.

However…maybe we were just bummed that our more interesting plans didn’t pan out but this park was boooooring.

We felt like standing on one leg and tucking our heads under our wings, too.

This sculpture, which I have always found odd and disconcerting, didn’t liven things up. Titled Tracker, I really don’t know what it’s showing…some guy dragging a boat through sand? Water? Why?

It’s kinda creepy that he only has an upper torso.

We cut our losses and headed home, not a horrible day but the anticipation was definitely better than the reality. Sunday was a little better.


10 thoughts on “Quack, Honk, Yawn

  1. I agree the sculpture is “different”… I guess that is why it’s called art..no?(I had to laugh at Terry’s comment)
    The first image of the cactus flower is so delicate and sheer.
    That color is simply amazing- beautiful capture Candace.


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