Cat’s Claw

He looked a fierce and quarrelsome cat, but claw he never would;
He only bit the ones he loved, because they tasted good.

S. Greenfield


11 responses to “Cat’s Claw

  1. wow . they were really having a good romp here..
    a gem in yellow!

  2. As if the bright yellow emerges from the dark geens…lovely.


  3. Outstanding poetry! 😉

    Love the pics.

  4. Aaaaahahahaha that cat fight is amazing.

  5. I had just about forgotten that blossom: it has been years. I absolutely love that quote: it made me laugh!

  6. that yellow flower has texture! I can’t practically feel it! 3D 🙂

  7. A wild capture of the cats’ interaction! The saying is very funny!

  8. The flower is my favorite.

  9. But I am impressed with your work colorful.
    Greetings to you:)

  10. Cool Cats Claw Cameras
    I love the shot. Shows how fast they are. My cat still amazes me with her lightning fast strikes, despite her getting old.

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