Damn Right…I’ve Got the Blues

You damn right, I’ve got the blues,
From my head down to my shoes.
You damn right, I’ve got the blues,
From my head down to my shoes.

I can’t win, cause I don’t have a thing to lose.

Buddy Guy

I’ve been gravitating toward blue all my life…from my first bedroom when I was little until now…clothes, jewelry, furniture (like my fish chair above), sheets, dishes, glasses, purses. I like all blues but shades of turquoise/teal are probably my favorites. The first diptych shows these shades of blue with their color complement of orange, with the photo on the left also illustrating negative space.

There’s also complementary color going on here with this Navajo necklace…

And some turquoise earrings, shown in this square-cropped photo, show a person…or part of one (me), as well as showing the subject…the stone in the earring…with negative space, as learned in Lesson #2.

The hardest part was only selecting a few turquoise/teal things to photograph. I could have gone on and on.

Another diptych shows outdoor dishware with me reflected in the glass and also blurred.

This was a fun assignment; I shot almost every night after work but have weeded the shots down to these few. I’m eager to see all the other participants’ colors. You can see them, too, by going to C and C’s photography blog and linking to the participants. We only have one more assignment, what will Camilla have in store for us?


32 responses to “Damn Right…I’ve Got the Blues

  1. I love the colors and they look so beautiful together. The teapot is so sweet and beautiful I think it is my favorite, but the lying glas is wonderful too.

  2. This is my fave color for this assignment too! I love your teapot!

  3. Love, love, love the Ball jar w/flower!

    I see you waving at us in the dishwear LOL 🙂

  4. your blues and red/oranges are so eye-popping. i like that you’ve saturated them right to edge….but not gone over. i don’t know where you live, but it embodies a southwestern vibe. great!

  5. A fine collection of “your colors” in a pleasing shots. The orange counterpoint works very well in the blue glass. Nice work.

  6. It’s such a treat to see your view of turquoise … it’s my ‘crush’ color of the moment. Your photos are beautiful.

  7. Great choice of colors. I love how vibrant all the shots are!


  8. Nancy Andreasen

    Not sure which is my favorite – maybe the fish chair? Or the teapot? The turquoise is an interesting choice for me..it never entered my head as a choice!

  9. Wonderful color! I love the top two photos. Great choices

  10. Oh I think I have just seen my new favourite colour! Beautiful blues and turquoises.

  11. truly lovely color study…♥ very nice…

  12. These are my favourite colors!!!
    What a wonderful teapot!
    Beautiful shots 🙂

  13. This is a very pretty and colorful series. I especially like the ones with the necklace and the pottery and the earring. Great shots!

  14. Love that blurred shot of the glasses. Yay for blue, it’s my favorite too. Enjoy your weekend.


  15. Beautiful photos, really showing off the colours. I really like turquoise too. Your first dippy and the tea pot are my favourites.

  16. Really like the last pic! What fun combinations of blue!

  17. Candace you just get more creative every time…I really enjoyed your color story. Such beautiful strong and vibrant blues and oranges. I really like your different images and the variety, so neat with the wallet and the purse casually on the seat.
    Very inspiring.

  18. So fun– I really enjoyed that! It’s interesting how the complex light pattern works so well on the chair pic.

  19. OOooo, beautiful. I love the color and the compositions!
    Great job!

  20. damn right! these are really really fun images. with a slight southwestern vibe, that i love. i really dig turquoise. this is so refreshing! the teapot is my fave. such a lovely color, and composition.

  21. I am SO with you – it was indeed very hard to stop seeing and wanting to photograph colour 😀 I LOVE your turquoise & teal – favourites of mine too! The diptych with orange is gorgeous – love the bright flower in the bright blue vase! Your fishy chair is pretty cool! Love your earring 🙂 Again with the pottery… Love your pottery – and the weathered wood for background – gorgeous!!

  22. you did a fabulous job with this story!!

  23. love your blues. and oranges.
    and earrings and necklace too.

  24. Blue and orange – what a great colour composition and a wonderful play on everyday objects. I felt really challenged by this week’s assignment – I think you did a really wonderful job.

  25. Turquoise always seems such an unnatural color though it is most natural as is copper itself… in fact turquoise and copper might just make something beautiful… That said I like the focused blue glass and plate and the glass and orange. The negative space thing — I don’t buy it but them I’m invariably different from the high percentage group when it comes to art appreciation. Seems the photos I love most when I post them are the least appreciated and commented on while the ones I think are very poor get lots of comments… either people are very kind and tend to encourage or they all see the world differently from me…

  26. i’m a blue person too. i really never sway from it, in all shades. i love the way you captures the wine glasses in both shots. lovely story!

  27. a really nice set – i like the colors!!!

  28. What a wonderful series!! I love all that beautiful bright turquoise!! I think the teapot shot is my fave! Very happy!!

  29. s favored color just so beautiful in each shade here..

  30. LOVE the blurry of the goblets. That is so cool, I would totally hang it on my wall. Perfect!

  31. simply impressive…. your skills keep improving! thank you for sharing 🙂

  32. I absolutely adore that teapot image! The texture and contrasts in it are really nice!

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