Painting with Light

I love bokeh!

For this last assignment in C & C’s workshop, I wanted to photograph a flower I had never shot before and I found one pretty easily a few blocks from home. I’m not very good at identifying flowers and a quick look through my garden book didn’t give me an answer. Do one of you know what this flower is? [Edited on 5/1: my former next-door neighbor informed me that this flower is a butterfly iris and I googled it and sure enough, it is. Thanks, Shere.] Shooting in aperture priority yielded these results…shadows and bokeh.

Next, I found a pond and a fountain close to the flowers. It turns out, I love reflections, too! And sunflares.

The play of the sunlight on the water as the sun faded away was compelling. The reflections of buildings and trees formed an endless variety of patterns.

I do like collages a lot.

But…I never got to a landscape photo. I was going to go out shooting again later in the week but just didn’t have the time.

Here are some of the things I learned:
1. If I ever have photographer’s block, I’ll get the eggs out. Eggs are beautiful in texture and form and beg to be photographed and you’re sure to get some good photos.
2. I love blur! I’ve not used it much and I have a hard time choosing blur over sharp but I like the result when I do.
3. Still lifes aren’t boring so you should technically always be able to find something to shoot.
4. Having an assignment makes it easier to photograph instead of being limiting as one would think.
5. Looking at the work of thirty plus other people who are doing the same assignment is very inspiring. To see how many different ways different people interpret and see is revealing. The creative process is fascinating in yourself and others.
6. Four weeks was just the right amount of time for the workshop…not so long that you feel overwhelmed or over-committed but long enough to get familiar with the other participants’ work and want to add them all to your blogroll.

Thank you, Camilla and Carolyn, for a fun and interesting 4 weeks. And I enjoyed seeing all the great photographers that participated. I’ll be checking out your blogs on a regular basis.


29 thoughts on “Painting with Light

  1. Wow, the reflextion photos are wonderful. Nice to read that you also learned a lot is has been an adventure. Hope to see you at the next workshop. Have a lovely weekend.


  2. Your reflections are wonderful! I really hope to participate next time. As you commented, there is so much to learn, and having assignments is a fantastic way to make yourself do it!


  3. i wish i knew what that flower was too, it’s beautiful. your bokeh shot is incredible, a joy to look at. i like your water shots too and a couple seem very abstract also!


  4. What a gorgeous and never-seen-before flower you found! And I love all your reflection shots! I agree with everything you said about the course, and while 4 weeks was quite the right length, I DO wonder what I’ll do next weekend… It was such fun to look at all the different ways an assignment can be met! Lovely to meet you!


  5. A beautiful post today. The focus and blur of the flower is top-notch. The reflections are beautiful too. Superb level of photography! Congrats on finishing the workshop.


  6. Your flower looks like a variety of Peacock Orchid. I can’t grow them here, but have tried anyway!! I think my life became chaotic just after your egg assignment & this assignment is so wonderful I’m going to have to go back through all your assignments to insure I don’t miss any of them!


  7. Your water reflection pictures are stunning. I love them all and they are just so amazing even put together in collage form. The sun flares?! How on earth?! Perfect timing I guess.



  8. The water Candace…..

    I really love your water images!
    You get such a sense of flow and energy. I also like the smoothnes(softness)who knew after living in the heat of the dessert, water is your thing?! I also really like the close up…great job.
    #4 beautiful bokeh!
    Thank you so much for participating, for sharing your inspiring and uplifting images, your many and posetive comments.
    I am glad that you learned a thing or 2.
    Beautiful work.


  9. looking at your flower above with the background changing slightly in each one is so great. was that all done just by changing the aperture? i love the bokeh too! and then your water photos make me so excited to go out and play with water and my camera!!! without getting it wet!!

    much love,



  10. I love the water shots you took! Stunning. Thank you for sharing your photos and blog with me. It has been lovely to meet you. I plan on checking back to your blog to keep looking at the new photos you post.

    A question….if you have time….I use wordpress too, how do you add widgets/badges? I see you have some and I can’t do it for the life of me. Been everywhere on web trying to figure it out. Any advice?


  11. Hi Candace– those reflections are out of this world! They definitely speak of your love. I really enjoyed your take on the workshop– and yes 4 weeks seems just right. Don’t your love all the colors your reflections revealed?? So good to meet you and thank you for beautifu work!


  12. This last set is your best one… Why? Possibly because it is things I like very much to see and possibly because they are really good photos.. maybe a combination of both.


  13. your water collage is just amazing. the different tones and textures and sparkles in each picture make for a stunning collage. i haven’t played with light on water a lot, and now you’ve inspired me! thanks so much for sharing your work with us!


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